Savanna Goats

The Savanna (also spelled Savannah) goat breed is a well-built meat goat that was first introduced in North America around 1994/1995.  The origination of the breed is credited to the Cilliers family of South Africa in 1957.

Savannas are known for having a long, broad and muscular body.  They are non-seasonal breeders so you can breed them any time of the year.  Savanna Does are known to be protective, nurturing mothers with high milk production and easy deliveries.  Taking a survival of the fittest mentality the Cilliers’ herd was untended to for one month prior to kidding and for two months after.  The strongest survived and this is what the breed was built on.

The Savanna goats have white short hair with black/brown pigments found on non-hair covered areas such as ears, underbelly and tail.  Bucks have loose skin particularly around the neck area.  The breed is known for being parasite resistant, heat/drought tolerant and for having good growth rates.   The breed has a level temperament and are typically easy to work with.

For additional information about Savanna goats please visit:

North American Savannah Association

World Wide Sheep & Goat Archives, INC 

Our herd sire Hercules was not happy about getting his picture taken! 

Savannas coming in from pasture. 

825 hanging out in pasture. 

931 with her August Twins. 

1281 being curious! 

This doe is ready to kid any day! 

Savanna does playing on the rocks. 

825 with her January twin doelings. 

931 with her August buckling. 

931's August doeling. 

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