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For Sale Page updated  and new photos uploaded to photo gallery 2.21.14

About Us

We are a small farm in North Eastern Iowa that specializes in raising Spanish, Savanna and Spanish/Savanna Cross Goats.  We raise meat goats for slaughter and breeding stock based on the conformity of the animal.  Please find us on Facebook too, lots of additional pictures there!

Our Goat Story

In 2005 Dustin started raising Boer goats.  After several seasons of getting up in the middle of the night to bottle feed newborns and having mothers walk away from perfectly healthy kids it was time to look into other breeds.

After months of research, Dustin headed out to Kansas in 2009 where he purchased his first herd of Syfan Spanish does from Nathan and Joel Marker.  He kept the 2 Boer bucks and cross bred the Spanish does with the Boer bucks.  The results were great!  The vigor and mothering of the Spanish came through in the cross bred doelings.  In 2010 Dustin traveled to the Syfan Ranch in Texas to pick up 60 doelings and 2 bucks to be able to start a fullblood Spanish herd.  In 2012 we added a Weinheimer Spanish buck from Vaughn Suhling to the mix. 

While we love our Spanish herd we were looking for another breed to add other attributes.  In 2011 we visited several Savanna herds and fell in love with them!  We purchased our herd sire Hercules from Glen Edwards in Oklahoma that year.  He has turned into quite the producer for us.  Check him out on our Savanna Page!   To continue our breed up program we purchased Thor from Stephanie Mitcham in 2012.  This year we purchased 6 fullblood Savanna does and another fullblood Savanna buck from Tim and Teresa at 2 T's Farm in North Carolina. 

All of our Savanna's come from the original bloodlines and are DNA verified and registered.  To learn more about the origins of Savanna's click the link below to the North American Savanna Association.

Spring is here at Twin Pine Farm!  Our first kids have hit the ground this week and we can't wait to see what the next month brings!!  Check out our photo gallery for pictures of our new arrivals!  Also check out our NEW blog to keep up with all of the happenings as we make the transition of building our new farm in Manchester, IA!

10.6.13 - Excited to share that we have added to our goat operation.  This summer we took a trip to North Carolina and brought home 6 Fullblood Savanna Does and another Fullblood Savanna Buck!  The does are bred for a January kidding!!

This summer we also started our own little miniature donkey herd!  We have 4 Miniature Donkey Jennies that stay with the herd and keep them protected from anyone or anything they don't know!  We love them and are excited to breed them to our friend's Jack this fall!

Check out the new pictures and let us know if you have questions!!
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